Chamberlain Zhang is a Brooklyn-based sound artist, composer and Dj.

Commissions and Residencies

2020 May
4D Sound Institute, Budapest 

2018 May
Frog Peak Collective Experimental Art Award, San Francisco


Selected Performance 

May 02 Chengdu Community Radio, Chengdu
Jan 24 Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn

Nov 29 Elsewhere, Brooklyn 
Apr 17 Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn
Feb 14 Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn
Feb 09 The Lot Radio 3 year Anniversary, Brooklyn
Feb 02 Moodring, Brooklyn
Jan 09 The Lot Radio

Nov 12 Halcyon, Brooklyn
Oct 19 Moodring, Brooklyn
Jun 22 Direct to Earth, F8, San Francisco
Apr 06 With Maggi Payne, Chabot Space and Science Center
Mar 09 Signal Flow Festival 
Feb 28 Trio with Ben Goldberg, William Winant, Oakland
Feb 18 Stranded Record, Oakland
Jan 06 San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Dec 09 Grey Area, San Francisco
Nov 27 Underground, San Francisco
Sep 07 Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco
Jun 21 Klang Blang, Basel 


Apr 30 Fullscreen Festival, Beijing